Don't let your resume be Sybil

I am, from time to time, asked by a client to write a resume that will enhance their ability to land a job in one of two, three or four distinctly different industries.

"I want a job as an elementary school teacher or a corporate marketing manager."

or worse...

"My dream is to work as a production manager at an ad agency, but I also want to use this resume to apply for bookkeeping and executive assistant positions. And maybe graphic design and nanny jobs, too."

The problem here?

With no clear direction on what you want to do, or a plan that involves chasing down jobs in a bunch of completely different fields?

It's nearly impossible to craft one resume that speaks directly to the key needs, interests and desires of a hiring manager in any one of those industries.

Hiring managers, HR people and recruiters need to be able to very quickly connect two things:

Here is what I need.


Here is what this job seeker (a la, you) has to offer.

The easier you make this for the people reviewing your credentials? The greater chance you have at landing an interview, period.

If you try to kill too many birds with one stone?

The reviewer will probably move on to the 10, 20, 200 other resumes in the pile that do a better job at connecting those dots.

If you know you want to pursue jobs in two or more distinctly different fields? You need two or more distinctly different resumes.

If you're not sure what you want to do next?

Take some time before the resume revision to figure it out.

Without a clear direction, you're just going to make the job search more frustrating and difficult for yourself.

Companies want clear standouts, not Sybils.