Can you spell your way out of the "no" pile?

Today's quiz.

Here are some sample lines from resumes in my possession. Each contains a misspelled or grammatically incorrect word.

Can you find them all?

  1. Proactive approach insured the success of the program
  2. Quickly became there top sales producer
  3. Closed the biggest sale in company history, which lead to rapid promotion
  4. Able to accomodate rapidly changing work environments
  5. Helped the Midwest region surpass all of it's sales goals in 2009
  6. Used sound judgement throughout the decision-making process
  7. Posess more than 15 years of experience
  8. Served as the key project leader on three seperate global projects
  9. Pinpointed possible risks then resolved situations before damage occured
  10. Was considered an indespensable team member

Did you find them? Are you guilty of any of them on your own resume?

The 10 examples above are among the most common goofs people make on resumes, even the ones with lofty titles and fancy degrees.

People, please. Don't ruin your chances to land an amazing job by looking like the dumb-dumb candidate.

Review. Spell check. Understand the hiring managers are expecting your spelling and grammar to be flawless. Because your competition? Their resumes are.

(I'm all scared that I'm going to have a typo in this post, btw!)

Now, let's check your work:

  1. It's not insured. That's what you do with your house, boat and diamond ring. It's ensured.
  2. That guy actually became their top producer.
  3. We have some past tense/present tense issues going on here. Led is the correct word.
  4. This one's a little trickier. But if you accommodate anything in your job? Be sure and remember that second 'm' when you spell it out.
  5. Please. Before you go any further in life, understand the difference between "it's" and its.
  6. The job seeker here would be using even better judgment if she spelled it correctly (this, by the way, is one that I struggle with!)
  7. You don't posess anything, you possess it.
  8. The word is actually separate, with an 'a'. Tricky, yes, because it sounds so darned "e-ish."
  9. What has occurred here? Is a word spelled incorrectly.
  10. Another one of those "e-ish" sounding words that's really an 'a'. Indispensable.