Hiring managers take vacations, too.

So it's mid-July and I'm guessing some of you are drumming your fingers WAITING for some response on that application you sent in four weeks ago, huh?

You might be WAITING for the second interview to be scheduled.

WAITING for some kind of an update from a hiring manager or HR person, who you could swear said they'd be in touch really soon.

Am I right?

(Doesn't WAITING just suck?)

Welcome to July. Slowest interview month of every year.

Frustrating, isn't it?

It can be if you're someone who wants or needs to land something like, um, yesterday.

I'm not writing this to discourage you. To the contrary, I want to assure you this is just a short blip of time, and it happens every year. I want to remind you that hiring managers, HR people and recruiters all take their family vacations in the summer, too.

They go camping, hiking and to the beach.

They hit Cedar Point. They hit golf balls. They eat watermelon and swing around in hammocks.

Just like you, they are people. And in the summer? They tend to recreate with their families.

Fear not. We're nearly three weeks in on July.

Spend this time refining your strategy, researching companies, identifying possible additional companies to pursue, vacationing with your own family.

And try not to stress too much. This happens every year, and by mid-August, things will be back in full-swing.

I promise.

Photo by: Moi