Rest vs. Avoidance.

I've been part resting, part working for the past several days.

More resting, truthfully, but as an entrepreneur, there is always a baseline of "working" that needs to take place lest you want your tiny little empire to crumble while you're lounging about in a remote Northern Michigan lake with a summer ale lodged into the cup holder of your not-as-comfortable-as-it-looked-on-shore floating chaise.

But the point of this post is not how the family cottage is in dire need of more comfortable floatables it is). Rather, it's to remind that there is serious value in rest sometimes.

Unfortunately, too often, people confuse "rest" with "avoidance."

Rest rejuvenates.

It allows one to catch a few breaths, think more clearly, have breakthrough ideas and strategize in ways that day-to-day mania fails to allow.

Rest can catapult you forward, because it makes space for progress. And planning. An innovation. And calm.

Conversely, we have avoidance.

Avoidance undermines.

It exacerbates many issues, including unemployment or career unhappiness. It prolongs misery. It drains us. It works, in fact, in the exact opposite way that rest does. Because it ultimately exhausts you further.

Avoidance can, and will, keep you stuck.

So if you're job seeking, or dreaming of something new or bigger or more fulfilling? By all means, get a summer ale and find a little lake to float around in for a while.

Just come back to shore, rested and with a handful of good ideas.

And then go execute them.

Cheers, everyone. I'll be back at the dock next week.