Apple stores, clown cars and learning curves: My January tale.

If I were an Apple store, I'd have this covered.

You'd come into my storefront (which would be sleek, contemporary and always bustling), get caught up in the energy, efficiency and knowledge packed up into my compact, yet welcoming business and leave feeling absolutely great about that thing you've got tucked into your incredibly lush, backpacky Apple bag.

We'd all win.

If I were I clown car, it'd be a different story.

You'd want to come in because my clown car would look like a ridiculously fun, happy and energizing place to hang out. But you'd be admittedly a bit concerned because you'd wonder about such things as, 

"How exactly are they all getting enough oxygen in there?" and

"What happens if one of them needs to get out and go to the bathroom?" and

"Is there REALLY room for one more?"

And then you'd be torn between the fun and the overcrowding.

And this is where the learning curve part of the tale comes in.

I am finding myself somewhere between Apple store and clown car this month. 

Sales are booming, absolutely booming. 

I don't even have one of those hand-held auto-checkout clickers that the magical Apple sales people wave around with ease. And sales are still booming.

And I am so very grateful (to you!)

I also don't yet have a force of shining, happy consultants just about to return from lunch break here at  I don't yet have infrastructure in place to manage huge influxes in business.

And that is precisely what has happened with the Ridiculously Awesome Resume Service this month.

In the first two weeks of 2012, I sold more resume packages than I typically sell in 8 weeks.

This is where starts becoming the clown car instead of the Apple store.

This is also where inventory for the month begins running out.

We're near that point when you'll start wondering what happens if the oxygen runs out in here. 

And, as the business owner, it's my job to make sure such things don't happen.

While it's tough to turn away business during the busiest resume month of the year?

It's only fair. To you.

I have to limit my offerings so that I can be sure and deliver each and every Ridiculously Awesome Resume client a spectacular end product. 

As of today, we're out or "near out" of January inventory, for every available package.

Is this ideal? Of course not, especially if you're ready to make the investment right this minute.

But it's the right thing to do, given that I am the sole resume writer in this operation.

And so...

If you have attempted to order a Ridiculously Awesome Resume and were greeted with the dreaded "Out of Stock" message? Curse me if you must, but be assured that this log jam of orders will be cleared out very soon and all inventory will reset on Feburary 1.

And if you want to order today, and set project launch for early February? Please shoot me an email at

And finally, if you have constructive ideas on how I could better structure the service? I'd appreciate your input very much.

Thanks for following along on And for those who have helped make this the biggest month of sales in the history of the site?

A virtual hug is going out to you.