Does your resume make my life easy?

I am a recruiter.

I look at dozens and dozens of resumes every single week.

My clients are counting on me to find great new hires, quickly.

And so I move fast. I skim. I make flash decisions. I juggle lots of positions at once.

I'm certain that, sometimes? I miss great people.

Maybe you.

You want to know why I miss them?

I miss them because they didn't make my life easy.

Sound lazy? Maybe. But this is a very real scenario in many, many recruiting agencies and corporations.

We are often flooded with resumes, and have a gun to our collective head to extract the superstars out of that flood.

And so ...

The easier you make it for me, the recruiter (or a hiring manager, or an HR person) to quickly connect my

"Here is what I need" to your

"Here is what Joe Awesome has to offer?"

The greater the odds you will be invited in for an interview.

And that is the goal of your resume.

Your resume is a marketing tool that you use to land interviews.

It is not an autobiography, nor list of every job description you've ever had.

It's a marketing tool.

Good marketers consider their target audience as they craft.

And then they work like mad to inspire that audience with a very direct, relevant message.

Good marketers make it easy for prospects to make buying decisions in their favor.

Good resumes do the same.