Make yourself into something

It's Labor Day weekend.

As we celebrate the contributions working Americans have made to our nation's prosperity, we must also consider those who are struggling.

Struggling with the emotions and economic upheaval that can come from a layoff or job elimination.

Struggling to navigate their way to the next chapter.

Struggling to reinvent their lives.

For all who are struggling, I encourage you to dedicate 36 minutes of your day to one of my very favorite documentaries, "Lemonade - The Movie."

Lemonade - The Movie from Lorenzo Mendoza on Vimeo.

Created by Erik Proulx, a downsized ad agency exec turned movie producer, the film showcases a handful of people (among them, a coffee roaster, a yoga teacher, a painter and a blogger) who turned an unexpected pink slip into an opportunity to make profound changes in how they earned a living, and how they live their lives.

As you watch the film, please ask yourself - What will my contributions to the workforce be?

However you answer this, I just ask one thing:

Do everything in your human power to make yourself into something.

Contribute something meaningful. Be fulfilled. Steer.

Have you reinvented yourself, either by choice or by necessity? What prompted it? How'd you pull it off? Key lessons learned?  I'd love to hear your stories - please share them in the comments below.