PROOF: Job seekers who did it.

Proof is an occasional series that showcases (and celebrates!) people who employed new job search strategies and landed THE job or promotion they wanted. Today, we feature Anita Singha of the San Francisco Bay area. 

In early 2012, marketing manager Anita Singha was weary.

A marketing manager for a major Bay Area corporation, Anita was feeling drained from a significant reorganization and the resulting management changes. These changes, she said, not only distracted her from key projects, they also made her fearful of the security of her position.

Anita, a long-time marketer, admits that this stress was even prompting her to question her love of marketing, and consider dramatic career changes. She knew that, at the very least, she should get her resume updated so that she would feel prepared to jump on a new opportunity if something great came her way.

Anita ordered a Ridiculously Awesome Resume package. We worked together to shift her resume from “marketing generalist” into one that spoke very clearly to her capabilities as both a strategic and tactical marketing leader, and a  “one-stop” marketing resource with expertise leading teams and executing significant retail programs. If she was going to stay in marketing, Anita said, she wanted a leadership role with exposure to retail clients.

At the outset, Anita admits she was still a bit hesitant about how she’d proceed once the resume was completed. But as we dug into the things she is most proud of, best known for and truly excels at as a marketer?

Her fire reignited.

“I felt excited to continue on the path that I know suits me best, and I didn’t doubt myself,” she said. “This not only helped the rest of the resume development process, it was a key factor when I began interviewing. I knew exactly what I wanted, without hesitation, and I was able to communicate it clearly.”

What happened after we finished the project?

After we finished Anita’s new resume and developed a cover letter specific to a “near perfect” opportunity she’d recently learned of, Anita launched an official job search; she applied for that job.

To her delight, Anita got a call from a recruiter about that very job within 24 hours.  Unfortunately, she realized quickly that her salary range was beyond the likely range for this position. She didn’t hear back from the recruiter again.

Rather than feel discouraged, Anita updated her LinkedIn profile with the same messaging and power that we’d used within the resume. And following our strategy session, she joined a few key industry groups on LinkedIn and asked colleagues and professional contacts for their LinkedIn recommendations.

Soon after she’d supercharged her profile, Anita received an email through LinkedIn. It was from a recruiter, who was looking for a retail marketing manager. Following a series of conversations, proactive follow-up by Anita and a lengthy phone interview, Anita got the job.

Today, Anita is the retail marketing manager for a small company working to grow market share; a company, she says, with an entrepreneurial spirit and plenty of positive energy and momentum. She absolutely loves it.

“The culture is much more of a fit for me, and I’m so excited to work like an entrepreneur within a smaller, more collaborative team environment,” she said.

Anita’s advice for anyone struggling with their careers …

“For anyone in a situation similar to the one I was in, I’ll recommend this,” she said. “Take control and do not let anyone dictate your destiny. I was feeling trapped and almost lost sight of my talents and abilities because I was being filled with self doubt and negativity at my workplace. But the moment I started to take control of my career, at first with little steps, I was reminded of what I had to offer and what I wanted to do with my talents in the first place. Don't just sit there, take action.”

Her final thoughts about the Ridiculously Awesome Resume experience …

“Jenny is awesome!” Anita said.  “I’ve recommended her to a few of my colleagues and they all agree, Jenny is the equivalent of a personalized career coach, more than just a copywriter, Jenny offered advice and strategies that really make an impact.  She knows her stuff and the best part about her? She has flair and humor to go along with her expertise.  I actually feel really privileged to have Jenny as a resource!”

Huge congrats (and thank you!) Anita! Your energy and marketing smarts shone through from our first conversation. I have no doubt you’ll light the world on fire at your new employer!

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