How to Score a Professional Resume, When You Can't Afford a Pro

I joke often that I need a life manager. And it's really only halfway a joke. If money were no object, I'd bring in a hyper-organized, personable, proactive and incredibly versatile professional to help me keep my family and household running on all cylinders. 

I fantasize about having a live-in right-hand resource at the ready to help me with shopping, meal planning, organizing, dog walking, getting kids from point A to B at the precise moments they're supposed to be at point A or B, homework, you name it.

Unfortunately, that's not an option I can budget for quite yet, so I do my best to piecemeal my way through my personal affairs, with here and there help, extreme creativity and endless energy exerted.

It's not ideal, but I do my best to make it all work.

Do you have a similar challenge when it comes to your resume or job search?

Do you wish you had the budget to lob the whole darned thing over the fence and have a professional take over from there?

Do you have questions that you need answered?

Do you wish you had a good template you could work from?

Do you wonder if you're saying it right, doing it right or formatting it right?

Do you dread the assignment entirely?

If this sounds at all like you, this is one deal you want want to miss.

For the first time since we launched our Weekend Resume Course, we're offering it publicly for just $129.00.

This is $100 off our regular price of $229.

The self-paced course is designed to walk you step-by-step through the same process our team uses when creating professional resumes for our clients -- at a fraction of the cost. It includes worksheets, sample resumes, templates that you may wish to use, and a Q & A session that'll answer all the questions we hear most often about resumes.

Better yet -- It's designed to not just be survivable, but even moderately enjoyable. (Because that is how we roll at This doesn't all have to be torture, sheesh!)

If you're interested, you can check out a couple of preview modules of the course, or enroll right HERE

Just be sure and use promo code RESUMETHANKS at checkout, which will take $100 off. You'l have immediate access from there.

The deal's on through Sunday, 11/27.

If you're planning to re-do your current resume or create one from scratch over the next couple of weeks or months, be sure and take advantage of this $100 off deal.

And, for those who celebrate the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, have a wonderful, warm week and we'll see you back here on Monday!

(Looking for a lower-cost solution? Check out our Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit.