Need a Killer Cover Letter? We've Gotcha, um, Covered

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You know how writing a killer cover letter can feel a lot like, um, a root canal for your brain?

For some, the exercise is so doggone painful they either bail on it altogether, or end up scribbling out something bland, wordy or super not helpful when it comes to landing an interview.

And landing the interview is the entire point.

Your resume and cover letter are the dynamic duo of job search – marketing tools that, when done right, will help you get your foot through the door and a shot at dazzling your future employer.

Cover letters present a huge opportunity to capture the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. Here’s why: most people’s are really BAD. Thanks to most of your competition, the people on the receiving end are accustomed to reading cookie-cutter, snoozeworthy cover letter prose. So when something incredible (and on point) lands on their desk, they’re gonna stop and take notice.

So how can you pull it off?

A great title

Let us teach you

We’ve been working with to create two inspiring new courses designed to take the “root canal” factor out of cover letter writing and get you noticed.

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Cover letters can be tricky.

Let’s work together to crack the cover letter code and get you landing some of these interviews you know you deserve.