How to Ace Your Next Video Interview


You got the call.

They want to interview you, and that’s an incredible feeling. You feel proud. You deserve this. You …

… Oh, dear lord, it’s a video interview.

Whaaaaat? Yep. A video interview. Not a phone interview. Not a coffee. Not even the dreaded panel interview. It’s a (one-way or two-way) video interview, which means you’re gonna have to get your tech savvy on, clean up that mess in your home office or den, and get up the gumption to knock this thing out of the park.

If you’re prepping for a video interview right now (or want to be ready when that request comes in), here’s some great news:

We’ve partnered with to create a down and dirty (OK, it’s totally clean) video course — Video Interview Tips — that’ll help you bust out your A-game with your next video interview.

Whether you’re going to be speaking with a live human, or recording yourself through a one-way interview tool (yep, that’s totally a thing), this course has you covered.

How can you access it?

If you’re already a LinkedIn Premium member, you have immediate, free access to Video Interview Tips (and the 14,000+ other video courses on the platform, including several specifically geared toward job seekers).

If you’re not a LinkedIn Premium member, you can sign up here for a free month of LinkedIn Learning, which scores you immediate access into this course (and our additional LinkedIn Learning tutorials), and all of the perks of the LinkedIn Career premium membership.

Even better, we’ve got a handful of additional courses available on LinkedIn Learning, so after you’re done brushing up for that video interview, you can head on over and check out:

  • Resume Makeover

  • Job Seeker Tips

  • Expert Tips for Answering Common Interview Questions

  • Writing a Cover Letter

  • Cover Letter Tips

(Full disclosure: If you sign up for your free month here, we will earn a small commission for the referral. Next coffee date is on us.)

Video interviews can be weirdly intimidating, especially if you’re not much of a webcam person.

Video Interview Tips will help you get settled in, get organized and take your focus off of those pesky and stressful logistics — so you can spend all of your energy showing ‘em you’ve got the goods.

(Because… of course you do.)

Photo Credit: LinkedIn Learning

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