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Oh this is so bad.

A woman in Scappoose, OR is/was being considered for a new job. Which is/was good, since she's a jobless single mother.

Well, she needed a reference from her former employer, Wells Fargo. Unfortunately, they have a policy that they charge $20 for employment verification. And her potential new employer asked her to pay it.

Instead of doing so, she ran straight to the local news station, who for some completely unknown reason actually consider her story news... and they put out this heartfelt story about her plight.

The part that killed me the most? That the angle of this story was not about how big business sometimes sucks, and sometimes makes the job search process annoying (a la the $20 fee).

The angle (get ready for this) was about how this poor woman will never work again because she "can't afford" the $20. And the news story was appealing to the viewers to "raise the money" for her.

This is not a joke.

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