If you're ready to consider your own business...

Big or small (or, for that matter, Biggie Small.) If you're ready to cook up a plan for your own business, you absolutely have to get to know Chris Guillebeau.

A practical JobJenny neighbor, Portland's own is making quite the name for himself of late with his massively popular new book Art of Nonconformity.

Chris also offers a range of outstanding, thought-provoking ebooks on how to build your own empire (or super small business, whichever) through his UnconventionalGuides.com site.

Rarely discounted, Chris has just announced a little ho-ho-holiday sale that extends until 12 midnight on Monday, November 29.

If you use the promo code "PUMPKIN," ya get 15% off of any and every product.

He's also donating 15% from every sale to charity: water, a non-profit foundation that provides clean, safe drinking water to those in developing countries.

So, yeah. Twice the goodness.

Among his most popular products:

  • Empire Building Kit - This is the Mac Daddy Unconventional Guide that walks dreamers through the process of building their own businesses by doing one new thing every day.
  • Break Out of 9-5 - I own this one. This guide helps people create freedom by building micro-businesses. The kind that you can do on the side. You know, extra moolah. Very nice.
  • Art + Money: Yes, It's Possible - For you artists that wonder how to make a living (or a tidy profit) off of your passions. We just talked about this. Chris offers guidance on how to actually pull it off.

Pretty nice little Black Friday deal-e-o.

Photo source: UnconventionalGuides.com