You're not rich? Look for the rotten-toothed treasures.

We're rounding the corner to Thanksgiving. And then Christmas.

Holidays have this way of making us feel all warm and glowy, especially when times are good. But they can also serve as a stressful, painful reminder that things pretty much suck eggs.

And that tends to make us feel sad, or mad, or rather inadequate at a time when the rest of the world appears to be downright jovial.

It's hard to get that Norman Rockwell spirit rolling when finances are strained, relationships are on the rocks, or a job search just keeps on lingering. Very. And I'm not about to wave some little magic wand of fluff talk and suggest it's not.

But I will share a little gift I've just received that made me stop in my tracks and realize this:

Wealth isn't always in the form of money, stuff or the perfect life.

Sometimes, the perfect treasure -- the thing that reminds you that life really does have massive, amazing bright spots --  is as simple as a rotten-toothed picture of yourself. A treasure that your kid has toiled away at, and proudly presents in a big, unveiling type of ceremony.

(Clearly, my child has no respect for the many years Mommy spent at the orthodontist.)

It's not Norman Rockwell. It's real life. And I may not be rich, but I appreciate the hell out of this real life.

You've got one, too. It may not be right where you want it, but it's yours. It's real, and full of all kinds of rotten-toothed treasures. Keep your eyes open, I swear you'll see 'em.

Oh, and a little secret in case you don't already know it... NO ONE has that Norman Rockwell life. My guess is that it wouldn't be as fun as it looks, anyways.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

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