Who knew that 2010 would be the year I....

...thunk up and launched a brand-new blog and online business?

...got engaged?

...married the man of my dreams who, just two years earlier, seemed like a hopeless (major) crush?

...went from being the mother of one to mother of three amazing (and insanely energetic) mini-people?

...met dozens of remarkable people in search of their dream jobs?

...wrote a book (OK, well, almost... it's nearly done!)?

...got a bunch of new grey hair (seriously... I do not accept)?

...realized once and for all that I have officially found my career passion?

I could not have imagined that 2010 would look like this had I tried.

I am amazed, grateful and very, very happy (ok, not so much about the grey hair, but all the rest.)

And I want to shout from the rooftops one crucial message to anyone who may be floundering, stuck, bewildered or feeling near hopelessness as we round out the year.


I have floundered. I have been stuck. I have had more than a few loopholes in my day. But the one thing I have categorically refused to do is believe that I have to accept what life serves up.

I'm going to spend the next two weeks roughing out a game plan for 2011. Sure, I'll keep it flexible so that I may grab onto the unexpected opportunities and joys I meet along the way.

But I'm authoring 2011.

Please, please, give yourself the gift of time to do the same.

Make this your year.

Author it.

Believe in it.

Serve yourself up the year of your dreams.


Photo by the fabulous Steph Barcenas