10 more days in '10: Do one thing each day to make them count.

Yes, here I am. The fun police. Suggesting that you wipe the glob of artichoke dip off your chin, set down the egg nog, and consider doing just a tiny bit of work this holiday season.

What do you think about this?

Rather than wait until 1/1/11 to cook up a resolution on how you're going to land that dream job in the new year?

Why not start today? 

You have 10 more days in '10. And, while I know that there's plenty of wrapping, decorating, toasting, baking, lounging, and traveling to be done. I also insist that we ALL have little bits of time remaining in every day.

So I encourage everyone who is looking for a new job or strongly considering an entrepreneurial endeavor to grab a piece of paper today and write this down:











Well done.

And now, next to each of those numbers? Write out one -- just one -- thing that you will do each day to inch you toward your goal between now and New Year's Eve.

Need ideas? How about:

  • Polish your Linkedin profile
  • Learn about how beneficial the Groups within Linkedin can be for a job seeker
  • Visit Wordpress.com and consider how a personal blog/website could enhance your search efforts
  • Google the term "Twitter for Job Search" and educate yourself on how people are actually using Twitter to find jobs
  • Alert your Facebook friends that you're on the market, and ask them if they have any leads/ideas
  • Find a couple of contacts at that awesome company you've got your eye on
  • Enroll in a workshop or conference that will expand your skills within the market sector you're pursuing
  • Have someone whose opinion your respect review your resume. If they think it sucks, consider professional help
  • Make a list of the companies for whom you most want to work; start learning everything you can about them
  • Start using your Linkedin status update to your job search advantage
  • Research how people have taken out Facebook ads to land cool jobs
  • Study people who are successfully doing what you want to be doing; introduce yourself

I could go on for two days. And, if you'd like more ideas, send me a quick note, or leave your questions in the comments below.

But my key point?

Celebrate. Enjoy. Rejoice. Relax. Dance naked around the Christmas tree if you want to.

And during those small windows of open time each day? 

Gift yourself by taking 10 small steps towards an amazing 2011.