Here's me stepping off the ledge. Now it's your turn.

(Alternate title: How Jenny used the last three days of 2010 to make a fool out of herself. Oh, and I particularly adore the still image above, don't you? Awesome.)


You thought I might be gone for 2010, didn't you?

But how could I possibly let the year come to a close without busting open my now 4-month-old Flip Cam and slaying the video blog dragon?

I could not.

So here is me, stepping off the ledge and trying something brand new. It is not perfect. It is not even great.

But it is me fumbling around in an effort to achieve career greatness.

And, as you craft those masterful 2011 Resolutions this week?

I absolutely demand that you build in plenty of room to fumble around, too.


(And, how'd I do? Please go easy. Seriously. This is scary. Have you MADE a video of yourself? I think I actually broke a sweat.)