Facebook: Status update your way to a job opportunity.

You are using your Facebook status update line to keep your peeps in-the-know about your job search, yes? Right? Right?

Because if you aren't? You are nuts.

This is one valuable piece of job search networking real estate, folks.

In theory, your collection of Facebook friends is the group that most likely has your back, yes? Why, then, would you not leverage those many many relationships as means to find an "in" to a potential career opportunity?

You really, really should. In fact, I recommend using your status update not only to say, "Hey, everyone, I'm looking for a new job," but to log and involve your peeps in each step along your job search journey.


Often directly, and often immediately.

Heaven only knows, the guy you dated in college may now be married to someone who works in a position of authority at the exact company you're targeting.

That total dork from high school that you only friended because you felt bad? Yes, he may now be the COO at a massively cool corporation. (See who's the dork now, huh?)

Seriously, keep your Facebook world updated. A few ideas to get you started:

  • Heading off to an interview at Arrowhead Company. Wish me luck!
  • Anyone know someone working at Bluewater Printing I could chat with?
  • Studying for my PMP certification with the hopes I can land an incredible project management job.
  • Looking for accounting-related consulting projects to make ends meet while I search for a Controller position. Anyone need an accountant?
  • Holy cow, it seems impossible to get into Google. Anyone have any insider tips?

"Oh, but Jenny, I just don't want to bore everyone with the minutiae of my job search."

Um, newsflash. About 80% of all Facebook status updates are boring minutiae. Often about way more boring, torturous and pointless topics than your job search.

So quit worrying about that. Start this program today. You know you burn up hours every week on Facebook anyways. May as well use it to your job search advantage.