Third person resumes = Eyeball torture

Just don't.

There's really not a whole bunch more to say about third person resumes.

Wait, maybe JobJenny has a little few more thoughts on them:

  1. They come across as pompous in a lot of instances
  2. They are ridiculously old skewl
  3. I expect to see you in your smoking jacket, holding a martini, dictating to your secretary when I read one of these. And that just makes me laugh, not feel the urge to consider you a serious candidate
  4. They're not engaging; it's hard for me to connect with you when you continuously refer to yourself as "Misterrr Chadwick"
  5. If you structure your resume in third person AND attach a photograph? I may die

So, really. Lose the formality. And go with first person, accomplishment-based (as opposed to task-based), bullet-pointed, clean resumes. For heavens sakes.