Well-written doom and gloom


Article from the March issue of The Atlantic,"How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America."

This is one heavy, well-written read.

For you who have been unemployed for a stretch, might want to have a beer and the Kleenex handy. But read it anyways.

I'm still digesting, but my instant reaction to this report is this: Many of us are going to need to make our next jobs.

Not find them, make them.

What exactly should you do? I'm not sure. But it has entrepreneurism written all over it. Why sit around and wait for someone to give us a job, when we have all the power within us ... every single one of us... to make our own jobs?

I'm not going to flat out abandon my plethora of tips related to landing a more traditional job. Because I'll argue that there are still cool jobs to be had.

But if the stretch of unemployment is tearing you and your clan apart? It's time to create, not wait for, the opportunity.