Unemployed? This week's to-do list.

  1. Fully digest the truth that a job search centered on job board (Monster.com, Careerbuilder, Dice, etc.) applications will, most likely, be a lengthy, soul sucking experience.
  2. Create (or revise) a Linkedin profile that's polished, complete and supercharged with key words relevant to your job/industry. Oh, and use a picture. It humanizes you right from the start.
  3. Do not construe list item #2 as meaning "Put photo on resume." Linkedin photo = YES. Resume photo = For heavens sake, NO.
  4. Learn everything you can about Linkedin Groups. Create (actually write it out, go on, yes) a strategy on how you can leverage the enormous power of the Groups and their members in your job search (I'll go into more detail on this topic very soon).
  5. Define how you can use this window of your life to your full advantage (think: "The Bucket List.") You are hereby granted permission to have moments of happiness and fulfillment during this total yuck window of your life. Think about it: This may be the one stretch of your working life during which you have actual free time. Take. Advantage. Take take advantage.
  6. Find and follow five terrific job search/recruiting bloggers (OK, one down... four to go!) There are dozens. Among those I recommend: JobsGuy.com, Brazencareerist.com, CornOntheJob.com, and RecruiterGuy.net. This will give you a stream of free, daily hints and ideas that will, no doubt, give you hope, ideas and avenues that you're not yet considering.
  7. Rent "Office Space" and spend a couple of hours thanking God that you're on the outside of the corporate walls for a while. No one needs your TPS Report today, thankyou.
  8. Once you get this done, take a breather.

Congrats. You're on the right path.