Begging backfires.

This is hard. And easier said than done.

But it's one of the most critical job search point's JobJenny can offer:

Begging backfires. Always. Every time.

I'm helping a fellow recruiter out on an open CIO position right now. In an effort to shake out a few worthy candidates, I posted the opportunity on the job boards of two CIO and Executive Management groups on Linkedin.

Among those who responded is an unqualified candidate who has forwarded his resume four times, called both of my phones (several times), and sent six follow up emails. Within four days.

In each correspondence, he more adamantly explains (often IN CAPS) his qualifications, and why he is a fit. Even though he's not a fit.

I feel for this guy, truly. It is clear that he NEEDS a job, and is in full-on panic mode to secure one.

Unfortunately, what he is doing will never land him a job. On the contrary, it will land him at the bottom of every recruiter and hiring manager's call back list or resume pile. Might even get him "blackballed" by a worthy recruiting firm entirely. Meaning, they will notate his behavior in a file and never call him for ANY opportunity, even those for which he could be a fit.

It might be the most difficult part of the job search, but you have to. I mean HAVE TO keep the desparation in check.

Begging backfires.