Yes, Virginia. Twitter IS a job board.

To all ye naysayers who are forever broadcasting how Twitter is just a silly waste of time. Nothing more than an irritating log of minutiae from the lives of narcissists:

Have you considered using it as a job board?

Yes, that's right, a job board. Because it is one. A real-time one at that.

I know, I know. There are certainly some among us that would rather use Monster over and over and over and over again. Because it's COMFORTABLE and you know how to use the search options there.

But here's the thing: Monster is not real-time. Nor is it free for employers to post jobs there (soooo, many job openings never even make it there).

And, I'll argue, because Monster has become sort of the Band-Aid brand of job boards? Chances are, you are going to compete for jobs with wayyyyy more people there than if you just buckle down right now and learn how to harness Twitter powahh.

Here we go (I'm assuming you already have a Twitter account. If not, go do that and come right back). Three easy steps:

Step 1 - Go to This is where you can search Twitter a zillion different ways and see what's happening on Twitter right now.

Step 2 - Choose the "Advanced Search" option. Don't be frightened. It's nearly dummy proof. They just call it "advanced" to make us users feel all accomplished.

Step 3 - You'll see that you can search a variety of different ways. Here are two that I recommend:

  • In the "Under Hashtag" box, type: #jobs     OR (don't type OR, I'm just saying OR)
  • In the "All of these words" box, type: hiring

Then, type in your city/state OR (again, just writing it) your zipcode in the "near this place" box.  Hit SEARCH and, shazam! You have a list of skads of jobs in your immediate geography that are being advertised this minute.

See one you like? Either click the link embedded into the tweet (and you'll be taken to a website with job description and/or application) OR express your interest by replying to the tweet itself (thus showing right from the start that you are well ahead of the masses with your social media savvy.)

Of course, you'll quickly get good at tweaking the search criteria so that you may narrow more specifically into a job or industry that is most appropriate/interesting to you. But these three basic steps? Pretty much all there is to it.

Go get 'em.