It's not you, it's summer. (OK, maybe it's also you but...)

I'll preface this post with full admission that I've not done a lick of statistical research on this topic. So if you want to come at me with charts and numbers and refute me, have at it.

I speaketh only from my very own personal experience in recruiting. And what I speaketh is this:

When you're looking for a job in July and August, you may need to have a tiny bit of patience.

I know, maybe not the sunshiney "rah rah, the job's just around the corner!" blip that you want to hear. But I'm telling you so you don't come all unglued thinking that the whole hiring world hates you, is ignoring you, has it out for you, deleted your resume out of their inbox, what have you.

Nope. They're probably just on vacation. That's right. Those hiring managers that you're clamoring to get in front of?

They have families.

And vacation days. 

And boats.

And grills.

And patios.

And campers.

And beach houses.

They go on vacation during July and August. And interviewing slllllows it on down at most companies. Especially when a search needs to involve multiple interviewers. Coordinating schedules gets tricky, sometimes to the point of impossibility.

So don't completely give up, nor even slow down on your efforts. Just recognize that things are probably going to move a little slower on the interviewing front for a couple of months here.