I am she, she is me.

When I launched JobJenny.com earlier this year, I did so with the express goal of helping the frustrated job seekers I hear from each week.  Those of you who are dying to find some career bliss, yet don't know quite how to go about it.

Things. They just aren't the way they used to be. And that makes finding an awesome next move along your career path pretty freaking challenging if you aren't up-to-the-minute on how the game has changed.

And the game has changed, plenty.

I launched JobJenny.com because, as the main cheese at Ladder Recruiting Group, LLC, I'm simply unable to sit on the phone and/or at coffee shops all day listening to your challenges, giving you a much-needed hug, and getting you armed and ready to get to the business of finding a new job.

I'd love to. I rather dig people.

However, as a recruiter, I have to keep a large chunk of time available each week to help my clients (companies that are hiring) fill their specific job openings. This is my profession and what allows me to do such things as feed my family, fund college savings accounts ,and enjoy an occasional margarita night out with my honey.

But back to you, the job seeker.

I launched JobJenny.com to help you, and I launched it so that I may better understand (and leverage) the power of social media. (Which, I hope, will translate into even MORE help for you.)  And once I got things up and rolling, I got to thinking about it. And I realized, I may be able to help you even further by introducing you to Ladder Recruiting Group, LLC.

Maybe, just maybe, some of you viewing this will have specific expertise in the areas in which we recruit. And if so? We may have the perfect job for you over there! So, please, become a regular at both sites. Check out the Opportunities on LadderRecruiting.com regularly if you'd like. And if you see something that seems to be a fit? Please don't hesitate to give me a shout.

I am she, and she is me.