Resume formatting: More is not more.

A quick tip on resume formatting -- One that I think will surprise more than a few of you who pride yourself on an uber-fancy resume formats.

In general? Just don't.

That's right:




Why? Because most reasonably sized corporations and recruiting agencies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to store and sort resumes that come into the organization.  And these databases, especially the older ones, can be quite touchy.

Thusly... when you flower up the resume with such things as charts, photos (didn't I already tell you no photos on the resume?), logos or text boxes? The database often spits back a bunch of garbley goo that we HR and recruiter types need to go in and manually decipher and fix.

As you can imagine, this does little for your "first impression quotient" and may, in fact, rule you out for future opportunities within that organization if the recruiter doesn't actually go in and do the above-mentioned fixes.

So, yes. You are awesome. Just, please, on the resume...

Illustrate this via excellent text, a clean format and your stellar track record.

Not with a line drawing of your family crest.

And, while we're on the subject of resumes...

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