HARO: Show off your wicked smahhts for free.

How is it that I'm just learning about the amazing HARO (Help a Reporter Out)?

You want to share your expertise with the world (and, thus, get lots of credit and attention for being a really smart whatever-it-is-your-so-good-at?)

Go this minute and set up a profile (as a source) on HelpaReporter.com. From what I can tell, it's one of the fastest, cheapest shots you have at getting free publicity in mainstream media.

And that, job seeker, would be a very good thing for you.

HARO is this awesome service created by entrepreneur Peter Shankman. It launched as a Facebook fan page and exploded in popularity. To the point that it's now it's own company/website. One that invites reporters, bloggers, authors and other news sources to connect with small businesses and professionals looking to tell their tales, promote their brands (your brand, uh, would be YOU) and sell their stuff.

Every day, HARO sends out three emails with a list of queries -- reporters looking for people to talk to about the specific topics they're covering. If you happen to see one that applies to you? You respond to the query (following the instructions listed -- seriously, don't screw this part up or they probably will pass you right on by) and explain why you'd be a helpful source.

If they agree, they contact you, you chat and POW! You've just landed yourself some free publicity, possibly in some MAJOR publication or on a major broadcast news outlet. Heck, even if it's a super niche publication, so long as it's in your area of expertise?

It could be a very big deal in terms of helping you land your next job.

And, it's f-r-e-e.

So, yes. Bust a move over to HARO.

I'm just getting rolling with it myself (And, admittedly, this makes me feel a tiny bit like I did as a kid back in the '80s, when we were the last family on the planet to get a microwave oven).

Any which way, now I'm telling you. With the hopes that HARO is also news to you. And I assure you, when (not if) I land something through HARO?

You'll all be the first to know.