10 things the interviewer doesn't want to know about you.

I've heard a couple of doozy T.M.I. tales of late. Both involving candidates who landed great interviews, and then proceeded to implode by sharing



way too much personal information with the interviewer.

And so, I shall share a list.

10 things an interviewer doesn't need nor want to know about you:

  1. Anything related to your digestive process
  2. Anything that involves your ex
  3. Anything about love triangles, the dude that keeps hitting on you, or your swinging club
  4. Anything involving odd extracurricular activities
  5. Anything political. Seriously, don't.
  6. Anything that event hints of emotional imbalance, or difficulty managing life
  7. Anything about body parts (don't stare at any, either, duh)
  8. Anything that remotely implies you have substance abuse issues or any sort of addiction
  9. Anything presented in baby talk. "Tummy" and "potty" will instantly ruin it for you.
  10. Anything that suggests that, at the end of the day, you're pretty darned lazy.

They seem so obvious, don't they? But somehow, they happen.

Perhaps the interviewer makes you feel so comfortable that they instantly seem like your best friend. Perhaps they even provide just a little more info than you'd expect in an interview setting.

Regardless. Don't go there.

And do feel free to provide additions to my list! :)

Photo: Squareamerica.com