On taking things for granted.

You do it. You know you do. I know you do because I do, too.

We all take some things for granted.

You think your spouse will stand by no matter how far you dial out on the relationship..

You think your friends will stick around no matter how crappy you are at staying in touch.

You think you're indispensable at work, and you'll be the last one to ever lose that job.

You think your dad, who adores his grandkids, will always be around to watch their soccer games and swim meets.

It's easy to fall into this mode, it is. Life rolls along on all cylinders for stretches at a time. Sometimes, if we're lucky, long stretches. And we get lulled into the false assumption that it'll always be that way.

It's normal. It's good.

We're cozy.

The problem with this way of thinking is that life is, by nature, dynamic. IT ALWAYS CHANGES.

And when it does? It can make you feel like you've just been clobbered. Hard. And out of nowhere.

I had this moment exactly a year ago.

After enjoying a long weekend with family back in the Midwest... hours after our plane landed back West...

I got the call.

My dad, my daughter's beloved Papa... with whom I'd JUST had dinner... stood up from his favorite chair, like he'd done probably 9,562 times before.

And that was the last thing he'd ever do.

My dad, my daughter's beloved Papa, died very suddenly. Horrifically unexpectedly. And before any of our family was even remotely able to consider how life would feel without him. One year ago.

He was 68.

I miss my dad more than anything. And losing him so suddenly made me realize very clearly that the phrase "Life can turn on a dime" really isn't some BS cliche that people throw about.

Life is about change. Constant constant change. Some for the better, some for the worse. Always moving, always surprising.

So whether it's your job, or your circle of loved ones, or your life circumstance in general?

Do right by it. Make your decisions thoughtfully. Appreciate what you have. Say thank you often. Respect that it all will change.

Live life.