Social media - What's your end game?

And here is where Jenny appears, at first glance, to contradict herself. But it's not so. I am attempting to clarify something important that may save you hundreds of wasteful hours, keep you out of hot water with your loved ones, and allow you to stay focused on that thing we call your job search.

I stand firm that you need to integrate social media, social networking, whatever you want to call it into today's job search. The old tactics (e.g. endlessly surfing Monster, reading the classifieds, calling a recruiter, applying online for every position you come across, blah blah blah)?

When used alone, they just aren't efficient methods anymore.

Too much competition for too few jobs, folks.

But on the flip side, I'm now seeing a different problem with some who cannonball into the world of social media without a game plan...

They become social media addicts. Aimlessly, obsessively chit-chatting with every Tom, Dick and Harry who comes along via Twitter and Facebook.

They sit and watch dozens of inane YouTube videos a day.

They sign up for 97 blog email lists, then spend hours each day sifting through an inbox of clutter.

Every day, I see people on Twitter who, I kid you not, must throw 100-250 tweets up EVERY DAY.

Every day, I see people on Facebook, who I KNOW are job seekers, thumbs upping and commenting on every third photo or status update that passes them by.

Every day, 10 people send me ridiculous Youtube videos that (I'll admit) are damned entertaining, but if I watch them all? They eat up my day. And get me no further toward my end game as a successful entrepreneur.

The end game.

What is yours?

For many of you, I'm guessing it's to find a sweet new job, in as little time possible, no?

However you answer that, if you intend to use social media for business or career purposes, you have GOT to know your end game BEFORE you get all caught up in the hype and time suck that can easily go along with Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, blogs, etc.

And Farmville? For God's sake. Steer clear entirely.