10 reasons you should have a job search blog, by tomorrow.

  1. It'll work.
  2. It provides you the perfect means to showcase your mad writing skillz.
  3. It gives you a free (nearly), instant podium  from which you can reveal the plethora of smarts you have related to your career sector and industry.
  4. It allows potential employers to get to know you better, before you've even set foot into an interview.
  5. It shows off your social media savvy.
  6. It demonstrates that you are, in fact, damned serious about this job search.
  7. It provides a central point from which you can send people to your resume, your Linkedin profile, work samples, contact information, and on and on and on.
  8. You can offer consulting/freelance services through it.
  9. It proves you are computer literate.
  10. And, did I mention? It'll work.

Stop monkeying around on Monster.com for six hours a day, and start working on a personal blog/website for your search, already.

GoDaddy.com and Wordpress.com can baby step you right on through the process of setting up a domain (think: yourname.com) and a simple blog.

I swear. If I can do this...? You can do this.