Did you think you could bore them into interviewing you?

You wonder what is going wrong with your job search.

You're sending out carefully crafted resumes and cover letters.

You're doing your homework, networking, studying how social media can help your cause.


So what the hell is going wrong?

Why are they not falling over themselves to interview you??

It could be... and I'm just sayin' it could be...

that you are boring people to death. You are boring them.

And it hurts their eyeballs.

And numbs their brains.

And makes them think more about what is in the cafeteria vending machine than about how they can find a way to get you on board.

Are you familiar with the legendary David Ogilvy, folks? You know, the Father of Advertising?

Ogilvy lived by this rule of advertising:


"You cannot bore people into buying your product."


So if you are your product? Right.

Apply it. Apply it now.

If your carefully crafted message reads like a boring old text book? Or worse..

If your paperwork looks like it was drafted by a guy who really doesn't care much?

Why should they care?

Why would they buy?

Why do you deserve a shot to wow them?

Answer, I'm afraid = You don't.

Be believable. Be authentic. Be engaging. Be noteworthy. Differentiate yourself.

Because if you don't? Rest assured. Your competition will.

Photo: flickr.com creative commons: adam bindslev