Are you likable? (Because no one wants to hire Mr. Crabbypants)

Meet John. We call him Horn. He's very likable.When I am not busy being JobJenny, I run a recruiting agency.

My job over on that side of the fence is to match great candidates up with my corporate clients.

I had an interesting recruiting client call the other day. It went something like this:

Me: Hey, I have a great person in mind for your XYZ position!

My favorite client on the planet: Really, cool. Who is it?

Me: It's Christopher Conway. You know him?

MFCOTP: (insert dramatic "I'm in pain that you've even suggested this guy" groan here) Oh heck no. He is a total Mr. Crabbypants. Our clients will never put up with him.

And that, friends, was that.

That candidate, who on paper is amazing... and who needs a job ... and who could do every single thing on the job description?

Isn't likable.

And he won't be interviewing for this job because of that reputation.

Are you likable?


If you're scared that answer may be no, drop everything and consider tangible steps you can take to reposition yourself among your professional network.

Because nobody likes Mr. Crabbypants.

Photo by: My pal Heidi. (And that's John. He's one of the most likable people I know)