Wonderful, magical holidays from JobJenny.com.

It's time for me to shut 'er down for a few days.

Sit by the fire.

Eat too much.

Assemble toys with 9,000 tiny plastic pieces.

Curse the makers of toys with 9,000 tiny plastic pieces.



Bask in all that is Christmas.

I'll also be taking time to appreciate what an amazing year this has been (thanks, in large part, to all of you!) 

And I'll be cooking up some major plans for 2012.

No matter what you celebrate, or where you're at along your career path, please do me a solid.

Take a little bit of time over the next few days to catch your breath, hug your family, reflect on your dreams and aspirations, and wish that you had a swanky red, green and black triangle dress like mine.

(Confession: my kid draws me in way cooler clothes than I actually wear.)

Happy Holidays, everyone! Let's gear up for a HE-UGE 2012!

Illustration by: One of my favorite people on earth (she made this just for you.)