Breathe deeply, limber up and go big in 2012.

I'm spending the last hours of 2011 basking in the calm before the January 2012 storm.

As you may suspect, January is far and away the busiest month of the year for recruiters, career advisors and resume writers.

I happen to be all three.


Please do me a huge favor as we round out the year, would ya? 

Use this last gasp of 2011 as your opportunity to reflect quietly on all of your amazingness.

No matter how fortunate or unfortunate your 2011 has been, you must never ever lose sight of the fact that you have so many gifts and talents.

And the world deserves a piece of that action. 

So use this day to take a few deep breaths, limber up and plot out how you're going to showcase your amazingness to the world in the new year.

Go big in 2012. 

And know that I'm right here to help you along the way.

Happy New Year ... A virtual toast to all (clink).

Photo: Me and the mini, reflecting on the Oregon Coast this week. No, you may not borrow my sweet boots.