#1 - Stop listening to the world's message that you should stick with average

This is the first of a six-part series that will highlight 6 things you can do, right now, to make your job search much, much more effective. If you've been struggling with a marginal-at-best job search for a while, it's time. If you're just setting off on your job search path? It's time. Let us begin.

#1 - Stop listening to the world's message that you should stick with average

We are a nation of status quo. Don't argue me on this one.

Flip on the TV for 10 minutes.

Watch your co-workers for a while.

Review a day's worth of Facebook status updates.

Consider your key relationships if you want to really squirm.

See a lot of status quo going on? See a lot of average? See a lot of "just enough effort to get by?"

I'm guessing yes. 

Don't feel too badly, it's not entirely your fault.

You see... our culture has this funny way of subtly hammering (this is not an oxymoron, it's how it works) some incredibly harmful and debilitating messages into folks like you and me.

  1. Comply.
  2. Blend in.
  3. Get by.
  4. It's not your fault.
  5. Safe and secure is the way to go.
  6. Don't do it: It's too risky.
  7. There's no turning back; you're invested now
  8. Shine, just not too brightly. Because that makes other people uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, if you've allowed these messages to sink over time? It can bring about a near panic attack to consider that they're working against you in your job search.

They're working against you in your life.

Stop believing the world's message.

If you're in the market for a new job...?

If you're in the market for a BETTER LIFE....?

Stop believing the world's message that you should stick with average.

You are competing with a shit ton of people who have been conditioned to believe this. A shit ton of people who have average resumes, submit average job applications, exert average effort, and think "shaking things up" means visiting Monster AND CareerBuilder on a Wednesday, instead of just one or the other.

You want something significant today? Put forth a significant effort.

You want noteworthy? Be noteworthy.

You want to be proud of how you earn your living? Take pride in how you go about finding that job.

You want a chance to re-do your career path? Take the mulligan. You don't need the world's permission, take the mulligan.

Your best product is you. And, no matter what our culture suggests?  

The world needs you to share the best of that.

Start with your job search strategy. And build out from there.

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photo: flickr.com Creative Commons (wwarby)