My giant tattoo, and why you should start living up to your potential.

In 2009, shortly before I left my safe, predictable Midwest existence and started life anew here in Portland, I got myself a tattoo. Oh, this was not just any tattoo (frankly, I already had a couple of those), this was one that spreads across a substantial portion of my back.

Yes, Jenny Foss has a large tattoo. Process that little ditty, and let's move on.

The tattoo is a cherry blossom branch, symbolic of change and also the state flower of my home state (Michigan.) The two exact reasons why I got it.

To many, the cherry blossom also serves as a reminder of how important it is to take full advantage of the thing called "your life," as it only blooms for a very short window during spring.

How are you doing at that?

How are you doing at taking advantage of the opportunities, the adventures, the endless (and yes, they are endless, no matter who you are or what your perceived limitations may be) possibilities that are right there staring you in the face?

If your answer is, "I'm doing great! I'm out there making my mark, holding myself accountable to my dreams and plans. I'm out there DOING IT!" ?

Then huge high-five and hats off to you. We need you, and a whole bunch of bold, courageous people like you out there leading the cause, and encouraging the rest of us to follow suit.

If your answer is, "Uhh, not so great. I'm afraid, I don't know where to begin, I don't have time, I'm not worthy enough for all of this, Life has beaten me down."?

Then, friend? It is time to make this your spring.  No, no, I'm not insisting that you go ink yourself up with a cherry blossom tat (holy heck, the big ones hurt... I'd pay to have the hilarious, expletive-filled transcripts from my session with that tattoo artist).

I'm insisting that you use this symbol and this season as your inspiration (and kick in the pants you need) to start living to your level of potential and magnificence.

Oh, and please don't tell my mom about the tat.

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons (Maudlin)