A brilliant cover letter example (one that worked, immediately).

I got an email from a consulting client today. He wanted to share a cover letter that he'd recently submitted for a corporate editorial opportunity (my client is a writer/editor).

The letter resulted in a near-immediate response from the hiring manager, who specifically thanked him for "such a great cover note," calling it "intriguing."

I love it so much that I have to share an excerpt.

THIS is the perfect example of someone using bold, creative moves to land interviews with the people making the hiring decisions. Right here. This.

(How do I know this editorial vacancy goes through you guys? My buddy Bill Colbert told me. Enough of him, though; let’s talk about how I can help you meet your editorial needs.
Clearly, you seek someone with specific skills. Attached is a resume showcasing an array of experience lining up with your needs. Consider these stats: 

  • 17: years experience in writing, editing and publishing
  • 16: Combined total of magazines and newspapers I have copy-edited
  • 6: Total number of magazines whose production I have supervised
  • 2: Number of metro daily newspapers for whom I’ve worked
  • 1: Really, the loneliest number
  • 0: Number of candidates you’re going to come across with copy experience like mine

Creative. Relevant. And made me laugh out loud.

Don't waste the valuable real estate of your cover letter, folks. Done well, they can give you a massive advantage.

(And if you need help? Allow me.)