Because action verbs are just more fun to read.

So I'm working on this resume DIY book/product right now. Yep, that one I've been talking about for a few months now. It's finally rolling toward the finish line.... admittedly a wee bit behind schedule, but it should hit the streets by the end of 2011.

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Anyhoo, I'm writing a quick chapter about the importance of action verbs on your resume.

ACTION! ACTION! You need to catch a recruiter or HR person's eye and the best way to do that is with ACTION verbs!

Wanna know a few of my current favorites? Here they are:

  • Analyzed
  • Authored
  • Charted
  • Conceived
  • Cultivated
  • Cut
  • Diagnosed
  • Engineered
  • Established
  • Implemented
  • Increased
  • Introduced
  • Invented
  • Mentored
  • Mounted (gotta be a little careful with this one)
  • Overhauled
  • Revitalized
  • Salvaged
  • Simplified
  • Stabilized
  • Transformed
  • Uncovered

Action verbs are your best friend when it comes to sharing the "so what?" about you, or your value proposition. Use them liberally (but not redundantly) to make it very clear what you have to offer a potential employer.

 Photo by: Me. I know, it's breathtaking, isn't it?