Pick a direction, for crying out loud.

You hate your job.

Or maybe you have no job.

You want to be an entrepreneur.

That sounds cool, liberating and full of freedom and fulfillment.

WOoOo, business ownership!

(I, for the record, am a big fan of this route -- but it is still, without a doubt, hard work...and requires resolve and, at times, a strong gut.)

Oh, but wait. Maybe you should just focus on finding a better corporate job.

In the same field.

Wait, in a totally different field. Yeah, different field. Time for a new field.

Or the same. Or wait, maybe the entrepreneur thing really would be cooler.

Bah! This is so freaking confusing! (And it's so hard to choose!)

So maybe you should just go after all three things at onceand see what hits first, no?

Dabble with this business venture startup, dabble with finding a better job in the same field, and dabble with finding a completely different sort of job.

All at once.

Shouldn't you?

Absolutely not.

When you have no clarity about where you wish to head, you are going to spend a lot of exhausting hours flailing around, making little progress in any one direction, and undermining the other efforts you're trying to juggle all at once.

Examine your options. More importantly, examine your heart. Think big.

And pick a direction, for crying out loud.

(Once you do, you can start breaking things into manageable, prioritized tasks and projects that will get you moving forward toward something remarkable -- always easier to sit down at the computer knowing exactly what you're going to tackle that day, no?)

Set a period of time during which you're truly going to make a run at the direction you just picked (90 days? Six months? Your call) ... and go. Trust me, that deadline will motivate you to bust a move.  

Cut the floundering and indecisiveness out, and I bet you get where you wish to be a hell of a lot faster.

photo by: flickr.com Creative Commons (23am.com)