The alternative to ass kissing.

We've all seen this person in action in the workplace.

The loyal puppy dog. The co-worker who hops around at the heels of the influencers, panting, pacing and slobbering all over himself in an effort to get noticed. Get attention. Get somewhere.

It is incredibly annoying, especially for all who are wise enough to see precisely what that little puppy dog is up to.

Getting ahead is absolutely a lofty goal.

Ass kissing? Is a lazy method that doesn't work all that well, and makes you look somewhat pathetic.

A better formula for getting ahead in your career:

  1. Be genuine.
  2. Be smart.
  3. Be helpful.
  4. Look for ways to solve problems.
  5. Raise your hand.
  6. Ask good questions.
  7. Take time to build a professional network.
  8. Keep that network fresh at all times. 
  9. Never talk smack about anyone, even the slobberers.
  10. Stop trying to ride coattails.
  11. Stop being so damned scared all of the time.
  12. Know that you're worth whatever you're pursuing.
  13. Learn from the mistakes.
  14. Modify strategies when you need to.
  15. Keep going.