Forget "I can't." It won't get you anywhere

After devouring a large-ish burger, beer and fries the other day, I did something rather out of character:

I ordered the P90X home fitness system.

Yes, yes. The one in the infomercials that shows all of the incredibly fit and transformed human beings.

That one.

When the videos, books and menu plans arrived on my doorstep yesterday, I realized two things very quickly:

  1. This is some serious sh#t, and
  2. It is entirely possible that this program will kill me

Any which way, I've now committed. I'm $139.80 in, and for that reason alone? I refuse to fail.

Welcome to my personality.

But let's get right down to the point of this blog post:

I busted out the "things you must read before you start" materials tonight. And the first page I flipped to contained a single quote:

Forget "I can't" and say, "I presently struggle with."

Hmmmm. I contemplated this.

I presently struggle with a athletic body that has begun to slowly atrophy from long work hours, young kids and an incredibly busy and full life. It'd be quite easy (scratch that ... it HAS BEEN quite easy) to just throw my hands up in the air and say,

"I'm too busy. My life is just too demanding to keep my body in great shape. I CAN'T."

But where does that get me? For one, in bigger pants. Longer term? Probably some place more ominous than bigger pants.

Which brings me to you.

(No, I am not suggesting you need bigger pants.)

What have you been avoiding because "you can't?"

Something in your career? Something you dream about? Something you just know you'll regret if you don't take a run at it before all is said and done?

I'm guessing we all have something we've convinced ourselves falls into that dreaded "I can't" category.

And so I ask you,

What would happen if you shifted this "I can't" thing into the "I presently struggle with" category?

Becomes a lot more feasible right then and there, doesn't it?

Stop avoiding, and start trying. Forget "I can't," because it won't get you anywhere.