Sometimes, you need to just shut up and think.

This was advice I gave to myself last week.

It worked, and so I'm passing it along to you.

Most days, my life is a frenetic whirl of calls, consults, client meetings, negotiating, writing and just plain blabbering.

It's noisy, intense and requires serious stamina.

God, I love my life (seriously!)

The problem with operating at Mach 2 with your hair on fire on a regular basis is that it leaves little time for quiet contemplation. And this calm space is imperative when you're trying to achieve major goals, make big decisions or address formidable problems and challenges.

Are you working toward something big? Something important? Something that, if done right, will likely lead to growth, joy and career fulfillment?

Are you trying to fix a difficult situation?

Are you struggling with progress because your day-to-day is just too busy, too loud and too brain frizzling? (yes, frizzling.)

Maybe, then, you need to just shut up and think.

Force quiet and calm around you. Honor yourself, and those around you, by creating some space for yourself to think, plan and ponder. 

I did this last week. I cleared the decks and hid out on a self-imposed retreat. Within just one silent, "all-about-me" day, I figured out a bunch of stuff that's been looming in my brain for months.

Try it for yourself. I think you'll be amazed by how clear and doable things can become.

Photo by: Morgan Day Cecil (don't I look all quiet and contemplate-y?)