Derailed by fear? Find your freaking song (mine's 99 Red Balloons).

Do you have a defining moment in your life that has stuck with you forever, and made you scared as hell?

A moment that made you question if you really have what it takes to do big things?

A moment that, at least subconsciously, keeps you sitting in the sidelines (year after year) while the rest of the world makes bold, courageous moves toward their goals?

I did.

Mine happened all the way back in the 7th grade. And it stayed with me for more than 20 years.

Here's a fun vid my pal Nicole DeCosta helped me throw together. It's about my 7th grade doozy, an incident that derailed me for years.

But I'm happy to report, I was saved by karaoke (of all things!)

I found my song. What's yours? (I can help you if you need it.)