Need a Ridiculously Awesome Resume this summer? Read this!

Your dreams matter.

You deserve a career that challenges you, fulfills you and makes your friends wonder how in the hell you got so lucky in life.

You may need a Ridiculously Awesome Resume to support this effort.


If you're currently considering investing in the Ridiculously Awesome Resume service, please take note:

I will be significantly limiting resume inventory in June and July.

To catch my breath.

And travel.

And work on a major project.

And enjoy my family.

A summer sabbatical, if you will.

To prepare for this annual event, I have lifted May inventory limits.

We will accommodate all resume orders that come in by May 31.

So if you know you'll need a resume this summer? I encourage you to order in May to ensure we get you rolling towards greatness sooner, not later.

C'mon over HERE to get started.

Photo by: Morgan Day Photography