Are you truly stuck, or are you really just mired yet convincing yourself you're stuck?

I know this guy...

I know this guy who, in spite of his above-average intelligence, good looks, sound health and stated desire to progress his career ... is forever underemployed. Or unemployed.

And often broke.

And usually convinced that his latest employer (there have been many of them) is giving him a raw deal, underpaying him and/or unfairly passing him by when a promotion is just around the corner (he assumes.)

This, by the way, is typically when he quits said job, because he's simply not going to work for a loser company that fails to recognize his amazingness.

Of course I am not suggesting you remain trapped in a crap job or working for a crap boss. But this guy seems to have crap jobs or crap bosses at EVERY place he works. 

What are the odds of that?

He, of course, feels certain that he just has the world's worst luck. He thinks that, if he just tries one more company, he will for sure find the one that will applaud when he arrives, throw handfuls of 50 dollar bills at his corner office continuously, and promote him quickly to executive status.

Meantime, he lives life as a mad, broke and under (or sometimes un) employed human being.

He drinks too much, he feeds his other vices with cash he cannot afford to spare.

And he remains in just about the exact same spot month after month, year after year.

He is stuck. 

He is repeating a pattern that's not getting him anywhere, over and over and over.

He is refusing  to consider that the common denominator in all of this? Is him.

He is using alcohol and other vices to cope with his disappointment. 

And that's just making matters worse.

But you know what?

He really isn't stuck, not in the true sense of the definition.

He is mired. And he will probably remain there until/unless:

  • he realizes that, even when the chips seem really down, we humans have ridiculous amount of control over our own destinies. 
  • he stops pinning his tough luck on the world and pins it right to himself.
  • he drops the air of entitlement he has in his jobs.
  • he admits that his strategy is not working, and explores new ones.
  • he stops anesthesizing his worries with alcohol and other vices.

You are only stuck when you believe you are stuck. 

Otherwise, you're mired.

And if you're mired, there's a way out. 

Sure, it'll likely require taking a hard look at yourself. Probably going to mean making some uncomfortable changes. Certainly could be rather terrifying.

But if the end result is a better outlook, a healthier body and a (much) brighter career path?

Why on earth would you choose stuck?