And no matter what, pause for stuff like this

lake sunset.JPG

I'm the poster child for burning the candle at every stinking end sometimes.

Gulty. As. Charged.

Thankfully, I love what I do. So it's quite easy (albeit, not always terribly prudent) for me to spin so hard and so fast that I miss breathtaking, soothing and otherwise glorious moments.

Like this one.

I didn't miss this one tonight. I sat with a few of the people I love most in life, and I watched this.

Over a tiny lake in Northern Michigan. With a semi-fantastic glass of wine in hand.

No iPhone. No iPad. No laptop. No background tunes.

And, for a few moments, it was just this.

Do me a huge favor, please ...

No matter what your situation.

No matter what your stress level.

No matter how hard you're gunning it to make something big happen (or, for that matter, make ends meet).

Please please stop everything when you're around people you love, looking at something like this.

And just enjoy life for what it is at that exact moment.

For these? Are the memories you'll hold dear.

Photo: Me. At Spider Lake, Michigan, my favorite place on this planet