Restore Energy First: A 2013 UNresolution

1.2013 restore energy.JPG

Confession: My Facebook feed currently exhausts me.

My Facebook feed exhausts me.

My Twitter feed exhausts me.

My inbox exhausts me.


Because so many people with whom I've aligned are neck deep in the notion that THIS IS THE WEEK that they are going to change everything.


And for every one person I follow who plans on changing everythingthis week? There are 40 more peddlers of products, services and life-saving blah-bitty-blah that insist they have some way to make 2013 the year you change everything.


It exhausts me. ME, a peddler of products and services that, if marketed properly, will convince you that you MUST have them to ensure your 2013 is a success.

Maybe you need my services or products, sure. And I'm delighted to support you in 2013.

But if you're feeling overwhelmed, weary or beaten down by whatever 2012 dished up?

You might just need to restore your energy first.

No one in your Facebook feed is promoting this. The marketing messages will insist that ACTION is what you need now. It's January 2, for heaven's sake. Move it. Move it. MOVE it!

But maybe you need rest more than action. Maybe you need to restore your energy first.

2012 was an amazing year for, and for me personally. But it was also a demanding, challenging and energy-intense year.

We hit roadblocks. We changed direction, more than once. We learned. We grew.

As I sat and contemplated priorities for the new year, it became abundantly clear that I needed to do one thing first, before diving into any one of my big, hairy, audacious goals (BHAGs) of 2013.

Restore my energy.

When you are wiped out, overwhelmed, overtired, overwrought, over cooked...?  It's very hard to pull off a bunch of impressive resolutions, no matter how loud the marketing messages.

It's very hard to think. It's very hard to perform.

Certainly, the entire world is pressuring all of us to set, execute and keep resolutions this week.

But if you find yourself in a weary, worn down spot right now, why not do something that few are promoting this week?

Why not make a 2013 UNresolution and restore your energy first.






That's my plan for this week. Sure, I'll be working. It's a big week.

But much of my time will be dedicated to restoring energy by spending time with family in a warm, quiet place.

I'm making an UNresolution to recharge, before I make any frenzied, performance-based resolutions for the new year.

How about you? Do you need a rest? Then take one, now. Before you plow full steam ahead into the new year.

It may well be your ticket to your best year ever.

I'm curious to know how you're kicking off the new year. Are you charging ahead? Resting? Something in between? Please leave a comment below if you have thoughts on resolutions and your plans for 2013.

Photo by: Me. This is precisely how I'm restoring my energy this week. Insert coffee and book here.