15 ways to succeed in any interview.


  1. Practice beforehand.
  2. Don't overpractice beforehand.
  3. Power pose before you walk in.
  4. Answer questions succinctly.
  5. Don't answer questions like some kind of weird robot.
  6. Ask good questions, ones that demonstrate you're not just in it for you.
  7. Be confident.
  8. Be humble.
  9. Don't eat or cook any bad smelling things beforehand (this rule, incidentally, also applies to those stepping onto an airplane or crowded bus).
  10. Make your interest clear.
  11. Make your fear undetectable.
  12. Take a day off from the cologne.
  13. Thank the interviewer, in writing, the moment you're back at your computer.
  14. Ask what happens next, before you leave the interview.
  15. Give a damn.

Got another job interview rule that you swear by? Any memorable examples from an interview that went particularly well (or one you bombed)? Leave 'em in the comments below!