Why January is a dumb month to plan a career change.


My pants tell me that the holiday season is in full swing. As did the doctor's office scale yesterday.

The bastard.

(Side note: Don't ever book a physical less than a week after a major eating holiday ... moronic.)

It's here. The holiday season is here, and we're all suddenly thrust into that crazy whirlwind of festive excitement ... mixed with overwhelm over ALL THERE IS TO DO ... mixed with vivid recollection of how crazy Aunt June really is ... mixed with oh-God-why-exactly-do-presents-and-appetizer-fixings-have-to-be-so-hideously-expensive? 

And through this buzz of activity, guess what many of us do? I'll tell you what we do -- We put aside that thing called everything-else-in-our-lives for a month, so we can give the crazy holiday whirlwind our full, undivided attention. 

I get it. It's busy. And exciting. And fun.


But what if you're an active job seeker? Or what if you have a job, but know in your heart that you could do way, way better for yourself and everyone around you? What if time feels more than a little of the essence?

Do you scrap everything for the holiday hoopla then? Fire the operation back up in January, right after you box up the last of the ornaments and chuff down the dregs of the rum and eggnog?

Your competition does.

Your competition does exactly that. In fact, our business TRIPLES in January for this exact reason. Many people just check it in for the year come Thanksgiving. They loosen up their belts, pour another pine sprigged cranberry martini and convince themselves that they'll be ready to MAKE 2014 THEIR BE-YOTCH, just as soon as they go score their kid a Zoomer robot dog and bake 13 more batches of cutout cookies. And then watch some bowl games. Lots of bowl games.

Why this is dumb.

In every game there are winners, and there are losers. In many of these games, the winners aren't the ones who everyone knew all along would emerge victorious; they're the one's who studied the game and made quiet, insanely strategic moves while most everyone else was larding out on shrimp cocktail and spinach dip.

This could, and should, be you.

If you know that you want a job, a better job, or a completely new career in early 2014, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, don't wait until January to get cooking on your game plan. Get cooking on it right this minute.

Like, now.

What do you need to know, learn, prepare and accomplish in order to move toward that new goal?

Do you need to do some research? Do you need to meet a key player in your industry? Do you need a new resume, LinkedIn profile or some practice getting through the terrifying interview process? Do you need to take an online class?

What can you do now so that you can leapfrog right the hell over all of the egg nog slugs come January 1?

I know it's busy. As a mom and an entrepreneur (don't make me say the dreaded "mompreneur" word), I get it.

But I also get that tons of your competitors just cash it in during the month of December.

I see it with my own two recruiter eyes.


This means you have an incredible opportunity to get your ducks in a row before the New Year's Resolution crowd even gets out of their champagne haze.

And there is tremendous value in being ready to fly like hell in the new year.

January 1 is too late. Plan the job 2014 transition now. Drink wassail while you do it, if you must. Just do it.

You'll be incredibly glad for it next year.